Frequently Asked Questions

DJ's are allowed to use smoke machines outdoors only, but not inside the hall. No exceptions.

You will have access to the venue for two days.

Saturday clients get the venue on Friday.

Sunday's clients get the venue on Thursday.

The day of the event is from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. No exceptions.

Any family or designated people assigned to pack up personal items or any items brought in for an event can stay as long as needed.

Rehearsals shall conclude by 7:00 pm.

No, there is no air-conditioning in the Hall.
Yes. We have special needs (ADA) parking, restrooms and a ramp to get out into the wedding area.

We are a "no" pet facility. No exceptions!

  • We recommend that all alcohol be hosted and insured, including your hired bartender/server.
  • We require that your licensed server is not one of the following: family member, friend or co-worker - anyone you personally know. No exceptions.
  • Alcohol is allowed in the bridal room and grooms room prior to an event. After the ceremony those beverages are no longer available or they can to be taken out to the bar and served by the licensed bartender/server for the bridal party only.
  • No "red" wine or other pink beverage is allowed in the bridal room or grooms room.
  • Guests who are uncomfortable after consumption of alcohol during an event are welcome to leave their vehicles overnight and pick them up the first thing the following morning.
The deposit is $500.00 to secure your date. $200.00 is a lock-in fee which is refundable after the event and the remaining $300.00 is a cleaning fee which is not refundable.
Rental fee is based on the number of people. Starting January 1 through April 30 we know offer winter rates which is $1000.00 off the rental fee for wedding events only.
Our capacity is 200. We are not permitted to accommodate larger events.
Everything brought to an event including rental items must be removed from the premises the same day.
Do to the flora in our flower beds and the rocks that line all our flower beds and paths, we do not allow any items that are to be tossed or thrown. No exceptions.
We do not allow outside or pot-luck foods for wedding reception catering. Food items for wedding parties prior to ceremony are allowed. Our kitchen is licensed for only our catering company.
Per our insurance and the type of natural wooded environment, we do not allow fireworks of any kind.
Cigarette smoking is allowed and we have two designated areas for smokers with smokeless ashtrays. Deep Woods is a "public" facility, so we "do not" allow medical or recreational use of marijuana at any time. We do not allow any electronic smoking devices inside the main hall, bridal and grooms rooms.
We do not have a play area for children or onsite child care. We asked that children be monitored at all times and not left unattended at any time during any event.
We do not provide on-site lodging. Please refer to our Vendor listing for some suggestions about great lodgings in our area.
  • Yes. We require a $1M event endorsement policy listing Deep Woods as the additional insured. This insurance is required just for the day of the event. We ask that the policy is provided the week on the event.
  • Hosted alcohol insurance policies are required the week of the event.

Note: If you are hiring a licensed bartender/server to work you event, we ask that you provide a copy of your server's current OLCC server's license prior to the event.